Midnight Pool Party – Stay & Linger

Australian nu(de?)-disco-duo, Midnight Pool Party, are priming us for the sunshine season with their delectable funky summer jams. Joining forces in 2013, obviously influenced by disco & funk, MPP have been doin’ it right for some time now – makin’ tunes that make them happy in the awesomest aussie ways. For some reason the kind of Midnight Pool Party I think of when I listen to their tunes involves skinny dipping in your parent’s pool while they’re out of town with the music blasting and tiki torches lit, or that bottomless party from Harold & Kumar (idk why…). Everything’s fun about these duders. The funky hooks, simple but to the point lyrics, infectious synths, make MPP a summer playlist must have. Plus, everyone will ask you like,  “dude, where’d you hear of this dope band?”, and you’ll be like, “from my boy Feli @ The Most Definitely, he’s always hooks me up”, and they’ll be like, “damn, you’re always in the know. that’s so cool of you. you’re so hot “, and you’ll be like, “you know it girl. let’s dance.” Go do ur thing – thank us later 😉

Now you’re listening… Feli Says Listen

Felipe Macia
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