Milky Chance – Unknown Song feat. Paulina Eisenberg

Throughout life we all meet someone so perfectly potent and so dangerously beautiful, we know we’re in deep fucking trouble from the moment we whisper hello; the kind of someone who shows so clearly from their first smile, first words, first… look… that they carry a beginning that will never unfold to have a happy end. Not to say they don’t make things feel good along the way, make things seem okay and continuously lead a thinking that their goodness outweighs the circumstancial bad. But it’s an addiction, really, continuing to be blinded by their brightness and never allowing yourself to fully comprehend how salty it will all taste when it’s time to end.

Maybe it’s because the end, well, right now it’s “Unknown,” and what is known is the present still breathes a sense of tolerance and enough hope for something — though you’re not sure what that could be. Milky Chance sings it heartfelt and true in their newest release that has me dancing to cry, and crying to dance:

Will I ever learn
How to catch control?
Will I ever know?
You go into my soul.

Alison Parke
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