MMX – Tremor

My favorite Oxford quartet are back with a new single. MMX makes late-night subway rides home actually enjoyable. You need to listen to their EP Child from start to end. “Stay” and “Ritual” are their two singles off that (the latter with a cool artsy music vid, and while we’re on the subject of that video, watch it and tell me you couldn’t help but stare at singer Ashley Wilkie’s perfect teeth, right? Like, they’re otherworldly.) and they are some of the most epic songs you will hear this year. Definitely at the top of my Best of 2013 list. In interviews when discussing Child and their upcoming full-length LP, they stress that they’re trying to make a coherent sound throughout the album, which is obvious. Everything I’ve heard is very carefully, beautifully crafted. Good work, guys.

Molly Cichy
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