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of Verona – Kids on the Street

Talented indie-alt based band, of Verona, have just released their latest offering, “Kids on the Street,” a melodic thought provoking track in support of their second full length album “Glass Beach,” due out this Friday. As lead singer Mandi Perkins mentions, “the song is a commentary about social media on social media, and explores the idea of how someone is always watching, which is why we now view our lives through a lens. Not every story you hear is real and not every picture you see online tells a true story, it’s just someone’s highlight reel, but if you don’t remember that, it can make you feel dark and alone because your life doesn’t match up.” When Perkins sings “got to get a capture, caption it like this, show you really have it all,” you sense that she is telling us that no matter how great we think everyone else has it, in reality, we are all the same inside.

You can check out the track below and make sure to look out for the new album dropping later this week.

Max Bernstein
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