Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, an impressive South-east London-based duo, has risen to their challenge of releasing a new single each month for the last year. As a culmination of these tracks, they are gearing up to release their debut album on September 4th. The tender vocals and humming beats create the most beautiful dichotomy of sorrowful love songs. In song and presence, Josephine and Anthony have brought back a modern Bonnie and Delaney of blissful melodic youth. The intonations in the lyrics unveil a tortured history, revealing a raw truth about young love, and yet there is irrefutable longing dripping from each emotionally-charged word. The highly motivated duo is wrapping up their successful 12-month challenge and preparing to embark upon a tri-continental tour to promote and share their arduous work with the world. A band built upon resilience and musical loyalty, Oh Wonder will flourish. Their music will reach wide audiences for it speaks a resonating truth about love, motivation, and dedicated work.

“…who we are chasing stars, won’t you dance with me?” Lose It


Gaby Deambrosio
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