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Olympic Ayres – Girl

Six days ago our very own Molly posted a sweet song off of Olympic Ayres’ upcoming EP, Episode iii. Needless to say all of us here at TMD enjoyed Magic and have been eagerly anticipating the rest of the release. We are happy to bring you the news that if you can’t wait another day to get your sticky little fingers on Episode iii, you don’t have because it’s here! I was psyched to find that this EP was available yesterday when I opened Spotify. The other two tracks (beside the earlier released Magic), Orchid and Girl, pack quite a one-two punch. Orchid is a velvety, downbeat track with smooth vocals that provides a nice contrast to the others. The last track, Girl, is more of a fun dance-y jam that’ll have you bobbing your head at your desk or better yet in the sun, if you’ve managed to escape outdoors. Whatever your particular locale, this EP is a must listen for those smooth tunes for summer days.

Jason Scott
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