PAPA – I Am The Lion King (St. Lucia Remix)

We’re waxing nostalgic today. It’s been quite a week, capped off last night with our favorite NYC band, Ghost Beach’s homecoming party at Santos. It’s been 3 months and I forgot how awesome their live set is. The road has treated them well. They are a well oiled, roving dance party machine that cannot be stopped. But anyways, now I’m experiencing P.G.B.S. (Post Ghost Beach Syndrome) – which has led me down a wormhole of St. Lucia remixes. That’s when I came across this absolute stunner that he released about a year ago. This one slipped through the cracks, but no more. Now it must shine. And fly away.

Probably best to listen to this around the golden hour, when the sun is just dipping below the horizon, painting the sky orange and pink and you know you’ve got nothing but your best days ahead.

Tim Mullowney
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