Passerine, Free Again, nu disco

Passerine – Free Again

We definitely listen a bunch of nu-disco and it’s hard not to share all of it, but I think this track is a standout. Passerine is made up of a 7-piece band fronted by vocalist Phoebe Dubar. This Melbourne dub-disco collective hasn’t been around for too long but their future looks very bright to me.

Free Again just has a very fresh and energetic feel. Sometimes with nu-disco, you can get caught up listening for where the samples for the melody or beats came from. Here I don’t get any of that. This song is original in it’s composition and arrangement and I just felt myself enjoying it, tapping my toes without looking for any recycled pieces. It’s like a breath of fresh air out on the dance floor. So, lace ’em up, you’re not going to want to sit this one out.



Jason Scott
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