[PREMIERE] City of Glass – Titan

City of Glass are award winning cycle fashion photographer/blogger David Phu and accomplished film composer Michael Champion. The electro indie/pop rock duo formed in Vancouver and developed in Berlin. Quite worldly if you ask me. I can’t get enough of this track on this particularly brisk fall day. The distant reverb and frantic plucking on the guitar give me a sense of restlessness and longing for something greater. They really know how to cut to my core. The band tells us “‘Titan’ plays with the ideas of the impermanence of life through moments of change, moving on, and looking back.” Well I’d say they nailed it. The emotion is palpable and the driving beat to carries me away to the next great adventure. “Titan” is the third single from their forthcoming Monogyny EP to be released on November 17th. Curl up with it now and be on the look out for what’s next. Be sure to check out the rest of their work. It’s amazing.

Tim Mullowney
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