[PREMIERE] DF3 – City Lights

We’re stoked to present you with Brooklyn-based synth-pop trio DF3‘s latest single, “City Lights”. It comes to us from their forthcoming debut album, After A While, due out later this summer. I’ve had the pleasure of checking out some other cuts off the 8 track debut and I’m all jacked up. I never really swear in posts and I won’t start here but I want to. I [expletive] love this band and their sound. Forming in Mexico in 2013, they have since taken their talents to Brooklyn (lucky for us). They’ve got a familiar yet strange new sound that makes me revel in the future. The band tells us “City lights is a song about the magic of a night out in the city, meeting new people, new loves, new places and the beauty of enjoying every moment in life.” Amen to that. Looking forward to big things from these boys.

Tim Mullowney
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