[PREMIERE] Kid Astray – Taking You With Me (Unicorn Kid Remix)

We first got introduced to Kid Astray last October. We were immediately hooked on this Norwegian six piece’s brand of infectious synth pop that left us wanting more. Consisting of 6 friends from Oslo, Kid Astray got their start after writing, recording, and mixing track “The Mess” in 6 hours to make the submission deadline for a Norwegian radio contest. Fast forward to today where we premiere a sexy spin on the group’s new single by Scottish producer Unicorn Kid. He takes us for a cruise through a galaxy of balearic beats and soothing tones that transports us to a time and place far far away.

They’ll be releasing the Taking You With Me EP on June 23rd. Be sure to grab a copy right here.

Stream the remix and the original below:

Tim Mullowney
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