Make-up Monday: Asgeir & Prinze George

Sometimes my favorite tracks go unblogged because they’re already so well-hyped. So I created Make-up Mondays, a 24-hour license, once per week, to blog whatever I want with no second guessing. Here are two well established buzz-bands that are very high on my daily rotation but only now making their TMD debut, Asgeir and Prinze George.

Asgeir is 21 years old and already the most successful Icelandic recording artist of all time.  Not really sure I need to elaborate further.  Enjoy King and Cross.

Prinze George, the foursome from Brooklyn that caught fire in February with Victor, dropped this amazing single last month. They are targeting a summertime EP release but you can catch their live NYC debut on May 15th at Cameo Gallery.


Max Bernstein
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