Punks Jump Up

Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Alex Gopher Remix)

A friend asked me over the weekend, “do you think now is a particularly special time for music”. My answer was a definite YES, for two main reasons.

(1) We live in a technological oasis where the music of an entire band can be imagined and created by a single person while eating ramen noodles in their underwear.

(2) A machine knows that I love Ghost Beach – Miracle (Gigamesh Remix) and therefore should also be listening to Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Alex Gopher Remix)

Now i’m not saying PJU would have been plugging pipettes in some lab were it not for Ableton Live and the Macbook, but I definitely would not have heard this track were it not for Soundcloud.

Alright, i’m off the soapbox and will leave you with my favorite part of PJU’s bio “Punks Jump Up started in 2004 by putting on parties in east London for proto hipsters, fashion suspects & weirdos in general.” – didn’t get the invite either? No worries, TMD is throwing our own versions this summer, starting in May, and we’ll make sure you know about it.

Max Bernstein
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