Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good (Deep Mix)

OK, guys. We’re here to talk about something a little different. I’ve been cheating on electro with deep house. Hear me out. Deep House is making a strong bid right now. All the kids are saying trap this nu disco that – bro, have you heard about deep house? Everyone is claiming everything is going to be the next big genre. It’s a bit of a bright spot for electronic music right now. It’s also a bit ridiculous. After years spent in obscurity with her UFO pants – she’s coming out to the dance floor and taking over. Now we’ve got sub-genres for days. Every new day – a new sub-genre. Chillwave, summerwave, nu-disco, deep house, trap (I hate trap), daytime disco, lo fi, glo fi. Put two words together that involve disco or wave and you just got your own genre. Many of these genres will come and go. Nu-disco will stick, as will deep house – it’s actually been around for a lot longer than you think – since the 80’s actually. It just wasn’t “cool” until now. There’s a lot of bad deep house out there. But there’s some good stuff out there too. Today let’s talk deep house. Satin Jackets happen to be making some really exceptional deep house right now and they’re no stranger to TMD. We actually posted the original version of this track back in October. But this deep mix is awesome too.

And if you want to get REAL deep – peep this mix they did for Golden Scissors. Seriously worth a long listen.

Tim Mullowney
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