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Season Summer Liberally with Country

The cold and the clouds are all gone in the Northeast. Now we can prepare for summer by queueing up some happy country tunes. I’ve done you a solid and updated my Country SWAG playlist on Spotify (click there to get it) with the newest and summeriest jams. Country music isn’t just about your dog dying and pick-up trucks and doing ur cousins anymore… Now there’s JACKED up pick-ups, super hot guys and gals (non-familial, of course) jumping in lakes and cruising down dirt roads, and don’t forget moonshine and homemade wine. No one does that whole “relatives” thing anymore in country music… Sorry to disappoint you Country haters. That said, what’s the deal with homemade wine? Why is that a thing? Let alone a thing you want?! If you’re at a party and someone offers you either like, idk, ANYTHING else, or homemade wine… who’s choosing the wine?! No no, you’re right, I’ll take some of the purple stuff with the chunky bits that she’s having. Oh… you’re pouring it out of an old gas tank you keep in your garage? Ya ya, no, it’s fine. Totes. You’re so hip. That said, here are some sweet country tunes to get you in the mood.

Feli Says dont hate, consummate.


Felipe Macia
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