Seramic ~ “Waiting”

Wait no longer; Hot off the press!

Est. London, UK

How is your 2016 going? I heard today that 20% of the year is over… leaving 80% for [some] sensible decisions about: “health,” work, lo0o0o0ove, politics, and if there’s time, you! Besides successfully cooking unburned chili and finishing 1 book with my students (!! screaming internally !!) … not much for me. Enough about me, let’s talk about you  –  but first, from the pit of darkness – a slap of soul sparks my sedentary thoughts back to sense; not to mention, fierce undertones of funk free your bones to moo0ve. Finally, shall we?

I’m impressed and excited by Seramic’s sound. They first released “People Say” on New Year’s Day (or Dec. 30th whichever is more badass). More recently, 11 days ago to be precise, they’ve graced our cochlea with a groovier approach; a unique sound in our era of synthemaxiwaawaaaa..what kind of pedals? Which brings me to my focal point: “Waiting.” Listen as you read, this London-based group is both mystical in physicality as they are in talent – show yourself! You can find Seramic at a few upcoming underground/bridge festivals I may or may not have frequented in my London life, but to preserve the sanctity of London’s vibrant speakeasy scene, I’ll stop myself there.

Despite the fact an 1/8th of the year is complete, it still feels like just the beginning, and what a way to kickoff 2016, Seramic. Bon a petit, New York.


Gaby Deambrosio
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