Séyi – Icecold

I pressed play and stopped 20 seconds through to go get headphones – I had to be able to experience all the subtleties of this downtempo epic masterpiece, and my AC was running too loudly. This is a slow builder, but dear god is it worth it! 1:55, man!! Nothing’s known yet about Séyi (or the unnamed flatmate) except that he’s from Birmingham, England and that he’s a great musician with a bright future. Don’t let the music eclipse the lyrics, either. Séyi has brought poetry back to 21st century lyrics-writing:

As rocks deform beneath my feet,
My head sinks deep in sweet deceit,
Reversed the words I heard you speak,
Before we signed the lines beneath,
Twist and turn before my tears,
Convert to pain and other fears ,
There’s icecold water underneath,
Defying thirst and all your bodyheat.

Draw your gun and fire between
Our future plans and the gasoline,
the reddest eyes than turn to green
whilst bruising blue in the sea.
Saltiest skin it’s ever been,
but out of this, for you it’s clean,
I loved you more than anything…
but it will Fade away…

Molly Cichy
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