While sifting through my daily routine of music discovery and blog reading, I came across a track that absolutely amazed me. It was one of those tracks that automatically clicks with you – the hypnotizing, opening sounds, the effortless beauty in its vocals, music production that sends continuous chills all over. “Caught in clouds, heavy dreams” – this track was “Easy” by Sibling and I had to learn more.

I started to research like crazy. As I searched through each social media platform, I became slightly confused: 100 Facebook likes (and 2 posts), 4 Twitter Followers (and 3 tweets), and almost no press coverage. This blew my mind – there was too much talent here to be unknown. I was determined to get the scoop on the Venice Beach natives.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sibling and they kindly answered several of questions and cleared my confusion. If you’re wondering who they are, what inspires this beautiful sound, and if there’s a reason behind their small internet presence, check it out below. We’re expecting big and beautiful things from this duo.



CHELSEA: With a fairly new name, Sibling, emerging into the music scene, we are curious…who is the woman behind the beautiful track “Easy”?

BRYAN: The driving forces behind Sibling are Elodie and Bryan.  Elodie is the singer/songwriter and Bryan is the songwriter/producer.

ELODIE: I’m a normal 22-year old energetic chick and I’ve always used songwriting as an outlet.  I live in LA and am kind of a beach bum.  Really, I’m just a single, independent, free-spirit enjoying my life.


C: Sibling has a very minimal online presence, is there a specific reason for this? Is the band a new creation?

E: Nope, there is no specific reason.

B: We have websites and social sites but no pictures….we just haven’t mastered our selfie game yet.


C: How did Sibling come about and who writes the tracks?

E: Bryan and I met through my X. We ended up geeking out over music and a mutual interest in songwriting.

B: We wrote one song together and then kind of got sidetracked for a few months. It wasn’t until the end of last summer, we were in Toronto, on the island waiting for the ferry to take us back to the mainland.  Elodie took out a guitar and started playing “Me and Bobby McGee”.  There was a crowd of people standing around who were immediately drawn to her.  No joke there was like 40 people and a lot of them started sitting down on the ground around her to listen. It was an awesome moment and right there I knew we needed to work on something together.  I think I ranted the whole way home about it and we started writing the next week.


C: Last week on Hillydilly, you made your internet debut with a lovely track called “Easy.” With this being your first official interview (to my knowledge), what would you like to tell the internet? 

E:  Dear Internet…This is Elodie…Remember last night when I googled the shit out of you?…thanks for all the cat videos 😉


C: Did you grow up writing and performing music?

B: Yup.

E: Nope.


C: The only solid information that is known is your location, Venice Beach, CA. Are you inspired by your surroundings during the writing process?

E: We are definitely inspired by what is around us but we live our lives and then channel that when we write the songs. We don’t try to write anything that is beyond what we can relate to.

B: Sounds about right.


C: We are in love with your sound. Who would you attribute to this sound, whether that be musical influences or simply life experiences?

B: Elodie is pulling from rock, folk and blues music…something more rooted and earthy.  I listen to a lot of electronic music, hip-hop, post-punk and experimental stuff.  We found common ground in our approach to songwriting and are both into stripped-down singer-songwriter music…and generally into understanding how songs are built. We just vibed off that.


C: What inspires you?

E: I’m inspired by learning from my mistakes. I’m also inspired to write lately because of the awesome response that we have gotten from our first single! Thanks!

B: New ideas, experimentation, books, music, movies, my life and self-awareness.


C: What are your next moves?

E: We’re gonna let Easy do its thing for a little bit, work on our live show, release another tune in the coming months…aaannnd

B:….and then our EP will drop sometime this summer.

Chelsea Dankner
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