[VIDEO] Slaptop – ‘Distraction’

Looks like Slaptop and the Sunsquad have done it again. A little less than a month ago, we featured Slaptop’s newest single “Distraction” and just yesterday, Billboard premiered the official music video. Similar to his summer debut “Sunrise,” this video follows a group of kids throughout the course of a night out and straight into morning. Between playing instruments, wearing masks, shooting confetti, and running through the streets, this totally chaotic and amusing video continues with Slaptop’s theme of raging until dawn.

Both videos were directed by Gabriel Gomez and Julien Melendez of Crooked Letter Films. They told Billboard that “the ‘Distraction’ music video was shot chronologically over the course of one summer night in New York City.” They continue to explain that “it is the follow-up to the ‘Sunrise’ video, which was shot in the same format in San Francisco. Spontaneity & commitment from our friends old and new make these videos happen.”

 Watch below and be prepared to have a blast.

Chelsea Dankner
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