Snakehips – On & On (Snakehips Edit)

Who takes their own original song, which is excellent, and remixes it into a whole new, equally awesome jam? Fuckiiiinnng Snakehips. I love London for this. They’ve brought us a production duo making satisfying new beats that are everything we ever wanted from 90’s hiphop. I don’t remember when I first found these guys but their idol status was secured in my heart with their remix of Bondax’s Gold which could not have been done better. Definitely also check out their Wild Belle remix. And all of their original stuff. Oh and pre-order the limited-edition 12″ of On & On plus their edit here.

There’s not a lot known about these guys, but hopefully that’ll change soon. I want Snakehips in my city YESTERDAY.

Molly Cichy
  • Max

    yoyoyoyo, The Miss Molly….do you have a link to the Bondax Gold Remix??? light me up please….

    May 28, 2013 at 4:07 pm

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