Spirit Animal – Party in the Back

Spirit Animal is still my favorite indie act right now, holding that title strong since March.  It was the Kingdom Phylum EP that got my attention (especially Radio Brain and Come to Christmas) but the live show that got me hooked.  The Brooklyn four-piece has been on and off touring and writing all year, feeding us a new track once every 6 months or so.  The latest being Party In the Back, released this week as a skillful homage to George Clinton and the P. Funk.  And there are a half dozen more unreleased tracks that will change everything you think you know about Spirit Animal…Regular World, True Believer, World War IV, to name a few. For now the only way to hear them is live, but lucky for your they are on tour right now.  If you’re in Brooklyn/NYC then i’ll see you at Rough Trade on Monday night (12/8), tickets on-sale here.

Max Bernstein
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