Summer’s Over w/ CRUISR

Now that summer’s officially over, besides ya’know, the 90+ degree heat, violent panhandlers, and perpetual subway sweat, we can pay homage to all the Shady Girls of Summer. To the gals who insist on only meeting up “out east” – umm, why would I do that? That’s SO far away… we live like, two blocks away from each other. To the gals makin’ plans and not bothering to let you know they ain’t showin’ – “hi.. umm, i’m here… where r u? – oh ur sick… again?! You should really see someone about that.” To the gals with boyfriends who don’t mind you knowing you’re the side piece… well it seems CRUISR, the chilled-out indiepop crew outta Philly are tired of all the bologna, and are letting you know with their new EP, “Throw Shade” (the other half of the EP was blogged out courtesy of Max).

Summer’s over… now what? #wwfd

Felipe Macia
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