Sun City, Colour Blind, Curtain Call, All We See, Pigeon, Remix

Sun City – Colour Blind + Bonus

Is it a fetish, is it an obsession, who knows? All I know is that I feel like the holidays came early this year. Cut Copy and Strange Talk are touring around the US, and I keep stumbling over great new tracks put out by Aussie bands. This one comes to us by way of Perth. Sun City has created an awesome downbeat dance tune for us. I can’t help but get caught up in Colour Blind‘s, almost tropical, groove. Anyone looking the window of my apartment right now must be confused. Pregnant lady asleep on the couch and strange man dancing around, headphones on, with his laptop. Such is life…



The Magic doesn’t stop there though. It turns out that Sun City can turn out a great remix, just listen to what they’ve done to Pigeon‘s Curtain Call. If the name Pigeon sounds familiar that’s because it’s the main band of Danny Harley, the man behind TMD fave, Kite String Tangle. This song just bleeds a solo dance in the middle of a circle of people on the dance floor. I can’t stop baby!



And I have just one more for you. All We See is another exuberant dance track and one that I could not, in good conscience, leave off of this post. Dance away people, I don’t want to be the only one!


Jason Scott
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