Superfood, Fight For Your Right, Beastie Boys Cover

Superfood – Fight for Your Right (Beastie Boys Cover)

If you haven’t heard of Superfood, you should make yourself familiar. This cover of the Beastie Boys, Fight For your Right, is just awesome! At first I thought LCD Soundsystem was trying to sneak out an unreleased cover/track. Taking a closer, second listen, it sounds more like the Beastie Boys channeled Medeski, Martin and Wood on Combustication to record a new version of Fight For Your Right.

Whatever Freaky Friday body swapping occurred, I am happy that it did. This cover is an awesome re-imagining of an epic original track. The Infectious Music website explains that “The Midlands four-piece are one of the prime reasons that new British guitar music is looking in such fine health,” and I’m inclined to agree. Superfood crushes this one and this is a track that I would be out of my mind to see live. Put it on the list.



Jason Scott
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