Tacocat – Crimson Wave

Seattle surf-pop quartet, Tacocat, are an awesomely fun band on the rise following their 2014 release “NVM.” Tacocat address feminist themes (as well as other funny topics) mocking street harassment, the while male anarchist, and this hilarious track about that special time of the month. The members of the band met while working at a Safeway grocery store and bonded over – and I quote – 90’s music, the Riot Grrrl Movement (an underground feminist hardcore punk movement), and last but not least, Kevin Costner’s “Waterworld.” For realsies. If that’s not enough reason to start a band, then there ain’t one. Let’s pretend it’s summer and do a funky arm waving dance from the past. Think it’s the watusi…

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Felipe Macia
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