Turnover: sweet ear treats

2016 might be their year. One convert at a time, Turnover is becoming a band that whoever listens, keeps listening. A super great break out album, Peripheral Vision. Adoration by genre-crossing fans. Sharp and resonant lyrics. An easy going vibe conducive to repeat listens. And...

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Get Lost in the Pinegrove

Some folks are labeling the Montclair, NJ (mostly) 8-piece band, Pinegrove, as alt-country. I don't think that's terribly fair, but then again, labeling things is hard to do well. We as Americans love to label (#LTL). It's one of our favorite past times. Dr. Remen...

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boston manor

Boston Manor: (London) Underground no Longer

Confusingly not from Boston but Blackpool, Boston Manor are also not named after the London tube station in Ealing, but just a working song title they stole from a friend's band (not as cool). This quintet is another welcome addition to the sweet UK rock...

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kurt travis

Trying to Track Kurt Thomas Travis

Kurt Thomas Travis (KTT to some - not to be confused with **heartthrob** JTT, who btw, stepped away from the limelight and went back to school! Good for him) is a Sacramento vocalist who has played with a whole slew of bands. After getting kicked...

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The Notionaries – Excited Eyes

Hailing mostly from Tornado Alley (not a good start), The Notionaries sing happy songs while bringin' to mind a similar sounding British youngin', Saint Raymond (ok, getting better) and his jams "Brighter Days" & "Wildheart" (remember the Notti-teens and the daggering? No? You should re-read it,...

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