Autre Ne Veut – World War Pt. 2

To say I was obsessed with Autre Ne Veut's album, Anxiety, is a bit of an understatement. I loved the dense, layered, and somewhat avant garde brand of R&B that was featured on the album. Now, two years have since passed and Autre Ne Veut (Arthur...

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TMD-Best-of-2013 JAY

Jay’s Sounds of 2013

2013 was a year of nostalgia, for me personally and also in the music that accompanied me throughout, more so than any year I can remember. This year was also my first here at the Most Definitely, which I can't thank Max and Tim enough...

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Autre Ne Veut – On an On

Autre Ne Veut was one of those artists that I would keep reading about but didn't get around to actually listening to until much later. Stupid of me, as Play By Play ended up being one of my favorite songs ever, and I could have...

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