Bel Heir, Free, NYC

Bel Heir – Free + NYC

Bel Heir is bringing the groove again and they have shared a one-two punch of awesome tracks today. Free is my favorite of the duo and features some classic Bel Heir vocals, soft synth and pulsing bass. The song wants you to set it free, I...

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Best of 2013, Jason's Essential Mix

Jason’s Year in Review – 2013

Like the eighth night of Hanukkah or bedtime on Christmas eve, the end of our 2013 year in review lists has come too soon. Each one of us has enjoyed sharing some of our favorite songs with you this year. There were so many great...

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The Gondola Mixtape

It's getting to be that time of year. The weather's colder, days are shorter and we just might start seeing some snow hit the ground sooner rather than later. Like all seasons, I love winter. Part of the beauty of living in the northeast is...

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New Music From Bel Heir

We've fallen pretty hard for Bel Heir as of late. They've been releasing two songs on the first Tuesday of the month since July. With each new release, we get a little bit more obsessed. There's no denying the influences they're drawing comparisons to. One...

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Bel Heir – Kiss the Devil (ASTR Remix)

Just when you're not looking something comes out of left field and smacks you right in the face. In this case it was ASTR's remix of Bel Heir's Kiss the Devil. Nothing like a group from Philly mixing it up with a couple of New...

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