Broken Luxury – Come Back

When a song can shift your interest and ear from beat to beat, immersing you in an experience of active listening while making an emotionally provoking statement, you know you've found something rare. And Broken Luxury has achieved just that with the release of their...

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Broken Luxury – Block the Wind

Sonically innovative with an undeniable magnetism, the B r o k e n  L u x u r y boys are a contagious force continuously proving they've got what it takes to be the ones you want singin' and drummin' you home. Josh Reynolds' vocals are...

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Broken Luxury – Free (Rudimental)

Of the many brilliantly talented things Broken Luxury does to and with music, I think it is their raw, reflective sound I like most. It's undeniably cool and totally addictive. The chillingly pure, surrendering vocals of Josh Reynolds makes me feel so comfortable -- his sound is both intimate and calmingly accessible.  I can't wait...

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