leikeli47 v2

Leikali47 – AIM screename?

A Bed-stuy Brooklyn native, Leikali47 is an anonymous rapper, currently in favor with Mr. Jay Z himself (he put one of her tracks on his summer playlist). Leikali47 (pronounce Leh-kay-lee) wears a ski mask (following the trend that 21 Pilots and Masked Intruder paved) and...

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bear hands

NEWS: Bear Hands lifts curfew to 2am

My mother always said "nothing good happens after midnight" as a way to keep me home on the weekends playing gin rummy and watching TGIF instead out clubbing like a regular 17 year old. Thankfully for all current teens out there, Bear Hands has amended...

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Sunflower Bean-Easier Said

Ushering in a new year always brings an excitement and anticipation of which up and coming bands will turn into breakout stars, which singles and albums will dominate everyone's Spotify playlists, and which shows will totally own your day/month/year.  One band that has been garnering a great...

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At long last, Brooklyn synth-pop duo Chairlift is about ready to gift us with a new album in the form of Moth (due out January 22, 2016 via Columbia).  Though it's been almost four long years since their last album Something, the band has recently...

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polica catey

Double Dose of Dames: Catey Shaw & POLICA

Double Dose of Dames: Tuesday Edition, brought to you by dope ladies who sing good songs. Catey Shaw - the bisexual Brooklynite ukulele subway performer - and POLICA - twin city synthpopper named for the Polish word for "work ethic." What do they have in common?...

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junior prom

Junior Prom – Let’s Make A Lot Of Money

Junior Prom, a magical time when (acne) blossoming youngsters experience their first taste of real world dating: asking equally nervous and insecure jerkholes to maybe? go to prom with them, while everyone balances their potential better offers and invites to come...

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GIBBZ – Love Again

GIBBZ, the drunken, obnoxious, and offensive mess-of-a-Brooklynite alter ego of the Berklee College of Music grad, Mike Gibney. His pals convinced him it was "ok to drink copious amounts of alcohol and make everyone within a 30 ft radius uncomfortable." So if I got this...

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mas ysa

Mas Ysa – Margarita

Mas Ysa, a Montreal native and current Brooklyn resident, has given us a Tale of Two Songs - that's not the name of it, just what I'm calling it. There's just something about this song. Can't peg it down. The way it builds with some...

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Tei Shi – Nevermind the End

Really digging Tei Shi's second single. Honestly, really digging Tei Shi (Brooklyn's own Val Teicher) in general. I moonlight as a blogger but during the day I work at a print shop, and I got to know Val a bit when she printed a mini-series...

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