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Jay’s Sounds of 2013

2013 was a year of nostalgia, for me personally and also in the music that accompanied me throughout, more so than any year I can remember. This year was also my first here at the Most Definitely, which I can't thank Max and Tim enough...

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CHVRCHES – Lies (Tourist Remix)

CHVRCHES burst onto the scene over the past year with their slice of  catchy synth-pop, but British producer, Tourist, has taken one of the group's punchier songs and turned it into a dazzling slower burner. The slowed down pace and piano backing gives singer Laura...

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[VIDEO] Claire – Games

We've all felt chills at a particularly good hook in a song, and that's an awesome feeling. But I think you're supposed to consult a doctor if the chills last the entire song. Especially difficult if you have the song on repeat. The last time...

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Postiljonen – Atlantis

I know I have been harping on this band lately, with a post on their other releases "On the Run" and "Supreme," but I'll be damned if every song they've put out so far hasn't been among the best of the summer. Their latest, "Atlantis"...

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MS MR – Hurricane (Yeasayer remix)

Yes, there is no shortage remixes of MS MR songs, especially "Hurricane," (including this fantastic one from CHVRCHES.) Yet, this week fellow Brooklynites Yeasayer tried their hand at mixing the lead-single off of Secondhand Rapture. The result is an engaging, deeper, and darker track that builds...

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TMD’s June Mixtape

Welcome to the June mixtape. One of the more difficult ones I've had to put together. Difficult because there was so much good music going on this past month. There were some extremely difficult cuts that had to be made and so much so that...

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When I saw CHVRCHES at the Mercury Lounge in March I remember thinking that one track in particular was even better that Recover and Mother We Share (okay, maybe not Mother We Share, that song is perfect). I had no idea what the song title...

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St. Lucia – Before The Dive (Chvrches Remix)

You know when you like a song before you hear it? That happened here. I could not press play soon enough. St. Lucia is most definitely a TMD favorite. And Chvrches is no slouch either. So this is what we like to call a perfect...

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