[VIDEO] Civil Twilight – Holy Dove

Full disclosure: this post may read like the ramblings of an obsessed super-fan, because that is very much what I am to Civil Twilight. After falling madly in love with frontman Steve McKellar down in Austin, TX, I haven’t been able to blink away the...

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Civil Twilight – Holy Dove

It is a well-known bit around our office that I am full-fledge in love with Civil Twilight. Not one thing to argue 'bout it. It struck me hard one beautiful night down in Austin, TX. Can I tell you? It was our last night in town....

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Civil Twilight – Story Of An Immigrant

With homegrown vocals, a touchingly organic beat and optimistically blended lyrics, Civil Twilight shares the struggles and triumphs of human existence. In their newest release, the Nashville by way of Cape Town transplants autobiographically divulge the story of their lives, their band and their journey. Seeded as the...

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