Tim’s Essential Tracks of 2013

So that was 2013 huh? Pretty solid year. I've been working on this list all year. Full disclosure, if you're looking for the obvious "Best of 2013" list, this is not for you. This is more about the tracks that might have slipped through the...

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The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid Remix)

I've been feeling this winter pretty hard lately. A bit restless and a bit directionless as the days get shorter. We've had some serious fun over the past year and it seems for a brief moment, things slowed down. I didn't like it at all....

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Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder – Racer (2013)

"My name is Gioviani Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio". Giorgio Moroder is twisting the knife a bit here coming off his interview slash monologue slash cameo on the new Daft Punk - Random Access Memories album. I guess we should all tip the hat...

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Is Daft Punk Playing The House of Vans?

So one of our readers tipped us off to some very interesting details this afternoon: Pharrell is playing a free show tonight at the House of Vans in Brooklyn. Also, Pharrell happens to have been featured on the latest Daft Punk single, 'Get Lucky' which...

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[VIDEO] Daft Punk – Get Lucky

THE WAIT IS OVER. And while we've been able to connect the dots and get the gist of this track from the various clips and videos released over the past couple months, it still feels damn good to say that there is new Daft Punk...

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