rob delong

Robert DeLong – Don’t Wait Up

Seattle-native turned LA-transplant, Robert Charles Edward DeLong (quad names are bomb btw), started off playing in indie rock bands but was led astray by the rave culture (does that mean he just started doing lots of drugs on school nights at abandoned warehouses?). So he...

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Night Terrors of 1927 – Young and Vicious

What does it say that four of my top five shows from CMJ are rock acts.  Is electro-pop dying? Or has it always been an east coast thing?  It certainly feels like this dark-pop genre is coming out of the west coast...

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Marian Hill – Whisky

There is no one forreal named "Marian Hill" in the band Marian Hill. This is actually a duo out of Philly consisting of Jeremy Lloyd (production) and Samantha Gongol (vocals), so how they got their name is beyond me. Probably a good story though. I tend...

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Until The Ribbon Breaks – 2025

UTRB is one of my favorite new sound-creators. I had his first single, Pressure, on repeat on Spotify for about a month, ever since Lovelife (one of my other absolute favorites) blogged about him during their takeover of MJF. I love discovering music that way, when another...

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