nicky romero

Nicky Romero gets help from the past to get FutureFunky

After getting unduly rejected from the cast of True Blood (and Vampire Diaries, but to be clear, beating Ian Somerhalder for the role of Damon Salvatore was never realistic :-/), the Dutchman Nick Rotteveel transformed his hopes and dreams of being a TV vampire and became...

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Tundran is Still Afraid (of spiders?)

This Indie/New wave/Disco duo from Sweden (which could abbreviate as "INDi" duo, but then it'd be really misleading) (although SwINDi Duo sounds amazing), Tundran, are just two dudes, Felix and Jakob, blending sounds from bands like, Lemaitre, LCD Soundsystem, Chromeo, 1975, etc...

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bag raiders 2

Bag Raiders stole my joke…

Let's say I had a buddy named Lorenz. We'd call him L, since he has a "Z" in his name and that's silly. If you'd ever meet L, you may not learn that he loves to dance, but he does. This sexy German fellow would...

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Giorgio Moroder – Deja Vu (LP)

Giorgio Moroder is a legend (I mean, LOOK at that pornstar 'stache), who if you remember, Daft Punk had a whole tribute song about in their last album. This dude's got 3 Academy Awards and 4 Grammys. He wrote "What a Feeling" from Flashdance, and also...

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Betablock3r – In My Head

Electro-funk-dance-music (sometimes known as "nu-disco") is currently "IN" and I'm really happy it is (if you haven't noticed). Wikipedia tells us that nu-disco is a 21st century dance music genre relying on an interest in 70s and early-80s disco and the synthesizer-heavy Euro disco and...

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Midnight Pool Party – Stay & Linger

Australian nu(de?)-disco-duo, Midnight Pool Party, are priming us for the sunshine season with their delectable funky summer jams. Joining forces in 2013, obviously influenced by disco & funk, MPP have been doin' it right for some time now - makin' tunes that make them happy in the awesomest...

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roisto 3

Roisto – Apart in Love

Roisto takes his name from the Finnish word for "villain," and comes to us from the most northern dark and treacherous forests of Finland (allegedly...

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Olympic Ayres – Magic

Oh hell yes, new Olympic Ayres song! This is the first single off their upcoming EP, Episode III, which I am stoked for. The View turned my winter into a summer (or at least made the obnoxiously long winter bearable), and this track continues the funky, tropical...

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Laura Welsh – Cold Front (Russ Chimes Remix)

Whoa, thanks to the #musicmonday tag on Twitter for this find! Is this a regular Monday thing, and it just happens to be trending today, or what? Anyway, Laura's voice is like a haunting mesh of Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Ray, and completely versatile....

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