Trails & Ways – Border Crosser (Seshen Remix)

Trails and Ways had a big 2012. They did it right. Releasing their tracks one at a time, leaving people wanting more. Now they've just released a remix EP. (What an awesome idea!) and this version of Border Crosser is just downright sexy. ...

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GEMS – Void Moon

We’re loving this track from the newly minted, DC-based duo, GEMS. It’s got that far off feeling of something familiar, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. This is the first we’ve heard of from them and I’m very anxiously awaiting what they...

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Trails & Ways – Border Crosser

They continue to amaze. Trails & Ways’ self proclaimed bossanova dream pop is a fresh take in a world where everything is starting to sound the same. Daps and hugs to them for being original and dope. Love it. ...

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