The Sun/Son Savi

Someone named Savi, more often than not, is female, of Indian ancestry, and Hindu. This Savi is not those things. Well...

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Moon Walkers Art

Moon Walkers – Charmé[d] to meet ya.

I present to you, Moon Walkers for some 2016 charmé[d] (tenses: ing, s, ed) listening. The name comes from what I can envision would be the perfect (not to everyone) playlist for my first walk on the moon. Don't make me wait too long, Branson. 2016...

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EVVY 3 by Eric Mooney mid

Evvy – Tidal Wave

New York does it again! Im generally new to Evvy, but have not been able to avoid the buzz of late, and after catching this premiere yesterday on Billboard I now understand why. Tidal Wave comes pre-built for the club but indie enough for a remixer's wet dream. Most...

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Safia – Embracing Me

Talk about right-place-right-time.  Safia continues to deliver the sounds we crave at the times we need them.  If you haven't seen this show yet then tighten it up people.  Im hearing rumors of a short US run in the fall including CMJ dates.  So follow...

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[VIDEO] ASTR – Activate Me

  If you’re immersed within the world of electro-pop music, it’s likely that ASTR is a household name. As long time fans of the NYC-based duo, which is comprised of female vocalist Zoe Silverman and producer Adam Pallin, we are thrilled to share the video for...

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Years & Years – Shine

London electronica trio (an "electrio" or "electrotrio"?) Years & Years are out with a new track. After a few EPs and lots of online listens, their debut album will finally drop in July. The band formed in 2010 when one of the dudes moved from...

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made in heights

Made In Heights: death by synth

Taken from Kevin Bronson @ BuzzbandsLA: "What the world needs now is another producer-driven electro-pop duo like I need a whole in my head." I couldn't have said the words better myself. BUT, if you listen, realllllly listen, you'll find some excellent new stuff out...

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Big Data – Clean

The paranoid Brooklyner, Big Data, topped the charts last fall with his track "Dangerous" and is back with a filthy jam, "Clean." Is it just me, or are his song titles just the tag lines he's using at that moment for his online dating profile???...

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