Welp, there is little to no mention of the past, present or future of new singer/songwriter/producer/ DJ, BISHØP, and her new track "F.F.Y. (Feeling For You)." The only information I can glean is from her Twitter page, which lists "Portlandia" as her location (assuming Oregon,...

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Don’t Shrug off this ATTLAS

Do you have the post-holiday blues? The "no-longer long weekend" shakes? The "why is everyone emailing me? don't they realize yesterday was a holiday!? I'm not a machine goddammit!" Well this Canadian mystery man, Jeff Hartford, aka ATTLAS, will help cool you down with his...

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Kiiara & Jai Wolf mastering USA foreign relations

Born and bred Fightin' Illini, 21 year-old Kiiara appeared outta nowhere last summer on SoundCloud with her single "Gold," a chopped up electrochill track that raced to north of 51 million spotify listens as of today. She was just making music in her bedroom at...

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Transviolet – Bloodstream

So these duders debuted this summer with a smasher "Girls Your Age" (although "smasher" probably isn't the right word to describe its electro-minimalism) and have racked up tons of listens. Before they hit the web with their first single, the LA-foursome actually sent out clear...

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tove stryke

Tove Styrke – Kiddo (LP)

Another Electropop Swede gettin' after it in the USofA with a new album this month is Tove Styrke (it's becoming a well known thing that Sweden makes the best pop). And if you were wondering, she is NOT the mispronounced euro daughter of Tony Stark...

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jaymes young

Jaymes Young & Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t

West Coast man Jaymes Young teamed up with Phoebe Ryan for this slow burning break up track about how they "just can't seem to get it right" that I've weirdly been listening to on repeat for the last week or so (especially now that it's...

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fickle friends

Fickle Friends – Velvet (EP)

NEW TUNES ALERT: from one of my favorite new bands, Brighton, UK new-wave dream-poppers, Fickle Friends - out this week with a new 4 track EP - "Velvet." This stuff is dope on a rope, and if you know me, you know how much I...

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Elohim – She Talks Too Much

LA-synthpop newbie Elohim is out with her first single "She Talks Too Much" (which means "God" in Hebrew - but you already knew that. Cuz ur smart. I mean, you read my posts, don't you? Don't you!?)  I for one love reading myself talk, but that's...

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Olivver the Kid – Not Going Home & Freak

Olivver the Kid formed when the drummer from LA quintet the Neighbourhood, Bryan "Olivver" Sammis, quit the band and went solo. His EP "Freak" came out in October and it's got some really interesting and unique sounding jams worth checking out (plus it's only 5...

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