Gramatik – Faraway feat. Orlando Napier

This is my long overdue homage to Gramatik in honor of his imminent tour. Let the funky times continue with this talented musician. Thank you, Gramatik for the rhythm that seeps into my pulse letting each and every spectator a part of this electronic funk experience. The...

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Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder, an impressive South-east London-based duo, has risen to their challenge of releasing a new single each month for the last year. As a culmination of these tracks, they are gearing up to release their debut album on September 4th. The tender vocals and humming...

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Welcome to Paradise – CS & Miskeyz feat. Emma Carn

Surpassing cross-continental barriers, this trio's collaboration has created an incredible summer tune with articulate residual beats  of vintage summer rock 'n roll, only to be enhanced with ambient electronics. All I want is to be diving into this song and emerging into their unrequited paradise. This collaboration is...

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KarlK – Jeff feat. GuitK

Charles Perrono, French DJ and producer in conjunction with musician GuitK have artfully created a hybrid of traditional Spanish guitar and electronic ambient. This song paints a tortured journey of Jeff, an outlawed Spanish gaucho on an escape mission through what I can imagine to be...

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[VIDEO] ASTR – Activate Me

  If you’re immersed within the world of electro-pop music, it’s likely that ASTR is a household name. As long time fans of the NYC-based duo, which is comprised of female vocalist Zoe Silverman and producer Adam Pallin, we are thrilled to share the video for...

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Hudson Mohawke Press 2011

Hudson Mohawke – Ryderz

Hudson Mohawke is a really cool nome de plume. Although Ross (his real name) is neither from anywhere near the NY Hudson Valley area, nor does he have a mohawk...

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Born and bred Chi-town man, GOLDHOUSE, is a quadruple threat American - much like myself - DJ/producer/songwriter/vocalist; except I can't do any of those things. But I'm good at other stuff, ok? Back off! That said, I'm just gonna plagiarize his bio because it's really...

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FKJ – Waiting feat. Madelyn Grant

French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) seeps soulful rhythm with his smooth approach to electronic music. The effervescent sound and smooth classical influences reflect the tradition and sultry heat of Paris' culture. FKJ is a native Frenchman currently penetrating Europe with his musical prowess. Waiting - featuring Madelyn Grant, an up and coming...

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