Betablock3r – In My Head

Electro-funk-dance-music (sometimes known as "nu-disco") is currently "IN" and I'm really happy it is (if you haven't noticed). Wikipedia tells us that nu-disco is a 21st century dance music genre relying on an interest in 70s and early-80s disco and the synthesizer-heavy Euro disco and...

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Midnight Pool Party – Stay & Linger

Australian nu(de?)-disco-duo, Midnight Pool Party, are priming us for the sunshine season with their delectable funky summer jams. Joining forces in 2013, obviously influenced by disco & funk, MPP have been doin' it right for some time now - makin' tunes that make them happy in the awesomest...

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Big Data – Clean

The paranoid Brooklyner, Big Data, topped the charts last fall with his track "Dangerous" and is back with a filthy jam, "Clean." Is it just me, or are his song titles just the tag lines he's using at that moment for his online dating profile???...

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roisto 3

Roisto – Apart in Love

Roisto takes his name from the Finnish word for "villain," and comes to us from the most northern dark and treacherous forests of Finland (allegedly...

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The 2 Bears – Not This Time

British duo, The 2 Bears, formed up in 2009 and have gotten a lot of love from UK DJs and our favorite folks at the Ministry of Sound - even if they dress up as furries. Speaking of furries, it must get really hot in...

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Japan Soul – Hey Ya Hey

That new TMD submissions box is so hot right now.  Finally we figured out a way to get out from under the mound of email submissions and actually get to listening to your amazing music.  (Check out our new submission form here!)  Like Japan Soul...

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Nicos Gun

Nicos Gun – Power Back

We saw a lot of good shows whilst at the helm of Ghost Beach groupiedom back in 2012.  Nicos Gun was surely one of them.  I remember many things from the night they played together at Pianos, but Nicos Gun being a Funk band was...

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Olympic Ayres – Magic

Oh hell yes, new Olympic Ayres song! This is the first single off their upcoming EP, Episode III, which I am stoked for. The View turned my winter into a summer (or at least made the obnoxiously long winter bearable), and this track continues the funky, tropical...

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Jamiroquai – Lifeline (Shook Remix)

It's time for a new segment I'm gonna call: Thank you Thursday. If there is a better collaboration out there, I'd be hard pressed to find it. Shook just might be our generations most enigmatic, brilliant savant of funk. Kind of like...

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