Nimino – Milo Evans

Milo Evans [pseudonym] nimino   Nimino is on the brink of a tumultuous adventure of sleepless nights and symbiotic artistry survival. Nimino transitions the crux of a night into dreamlike dawn with his smooth decrescendos and soulful influences. An emerging artist from Brighton, UK, Milo Evans transfixes crowds with his fluctuating rhythm ensuring...

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Welcome to Paradise – CS & Miskeyz feat. Emma Carn

Surpassing cross-continental barriers, this trio's collaboration has created an incredible summer tune with articulate residual beats  of vintage summer rock 'n roll, only to be enhanced with ambient electronics. All I want is to be diving into this song and emerging into their unrequited paradise. This collaboration is...

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Superwalkers – Not Like Us

Superwalkers is a Swedish super-duo from the year 2987. They were supposed to be sent back to the 80's but ended up in 2014! OH-EM-GEE! They have returned to "share their vision in a way we all understand – through music." With their future-retro sound...

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The Green Room SXSW

Spectrum (Jimmy Blatant Remix)

My next few blog posts are just going to be tracks that I discovered during our SXSW showcase. This one comes by way of Jimmy Minas-Blight aka Jimmy Blatant. A Welsh Writer/Composer/Producer/Engineer who dropped in for an unbelievable set on Saturday night just after Dart...

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Black Yaya – Paint A Smile On Me (Zimmer Remix)

French pop artist Black Yaya just got the House remix makeover from Zimmer (also French) this morning and I'm pretty excited about it. In fact im just generally excited about most music i'm hearing out of France these days.  They seem to have the acoustic+house crossover...

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VIBES – Sweet Talk

Why has no one named their band "Vibes" before now? That seems like a huge oversight, but it's entirely appropriate for this Santa Monica trio. Here's the lowdown on Sweet Talk: it's a glittery, poolside soon-to-be-classic, and I expect to hear it blasting from the...

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Unlikely Futures – In Your Arms

Take a listen to the subtly trappy electronica coming from Canadian production trio Unlikely Futures. These guys describe their sounds with their own genre names: "Northern Lights" and "Crystal Synth" I think are terms I'm gonna start using to describe music. In Your Arms is a...

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Kidnap Kid – Animaux

Things are going well for UK-based Kidnap Kid aka Mark Relton. He just graduated from university, he finished a new EP yesterday and, oh yeah, he won iTunes US Best Electronic Song of 2012 for his debut release "Vehl" on budding indie Black Butter Records....

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