Elohim – She Talks Too Much

LA-synthpop newbie Elohim is out with her first single "She Talks Too Much" (which means "God" in Hebrew - but you already knew that. Cuz ur smart. I mean, you read my posts, don't you? Don't you!?)  I for one love reading myself talk, but that's...

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big wild 2

Big Wild – Aftergold

LA remixologist Big Wild has all sorts of funky jams for your summer chill session needs. Idk if anyone's ever said "remixologist" before, but I've never heard of it, so I'm copyrighting that right now. You're all witness! What a great word. (ok I just...

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Betablock3r – In My Head

Electro-funk-dance-music (sometimes known as "nu-disco") is currently "IN" and I'm really happy it is (if you haven't noticed). Wikipedia tells us that nu-disco is a 21st century dance music genre relying on an interest in 70s and early-80s disco and the synthesizer-heavy Euro disco and...

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made in heights

Made In Heights: death by synth

Taken from Kevin Bronson @ BuzzbandsLA: "What the world needs now is another producer-driven electro-pop duo like I need a whole in my head." I couldn't have said the words better myself. BUT, if you listen, realllllly listen, you'll find some excellent new stuff out...

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awol 1

AWOLNATION – Woman Woman

LA indie-electronica rocker, AWOLNATION, started a few years back when Aaron Bruno was tired of collaborating and needed a creative outlet to pursue solo (so he started a new band and got a ton of ppl to play with him...

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The 1975 – Chocolate (DWNTWN Cover)

Jamie Leffler's voice is so ethereal and wispy and beautiful like a pretty scarf from a street cart in India. I just wanna dance around in a field with it flowing around me. Someone should take pics and put 'em on Instagram. Dwntwn is one of...

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