Gabriela’s 2015 Funkouement  

I remember the precise moment I sold my soul to the music devil; South by Southwest, ATX. The very own Most Definitely's Stoli infused afternoon at The Yard. Before that my unexposed dreams twinkled in classical piano, A Capella'd harmonies, and celestial music festivals. Needless...

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St. Lucia, Too Close

St. Lucia – Too Close

We don't have to blog every time St. Lucia releases a song, but we do because they're so freakin' awesome!!! Too Close is no exception to that rule, it's a serious tune. Add it to your playlists, TPS reports and college essays, it's so good...

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HAERTS – All The Days

This is the best surprise I could have hoped for today. We have been having a very lopsided love affair with Brooklyn-based Haerts ever since we heard their first single, 'Wings' last year. The love affair continued when we got to see them live -...

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Magic Man – Paris

I'm brushing up on my Magic Man this AM, in preparation for their support gig for Ghost Beach on Thurs night. This is shaping up to be some show. Get your tickets here.  Or try to win a pair here. ...

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