goldroom final

Go for Gold(room)

Midweek blues got you jonesin' for that poolside fiesta you went to on Sunday? The one with sweet jams, cool breezes, cold drinks and hard bodies? I feel you. Except I don't have a pool. Soho House won't return my emails. And the hotel pool across...

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Tundran is Still Afraid (of spiders?)

This Indie/New wave/Disco duo from Sweden (which could abbreviate as "INDi" duo, but then it'd be really misleading) (although SwINDi Duo sounds amazing), Tundran, are just two dudes, Felix and Jakob, blending sounds from bands like, Lemaitre, LCD Soundsystem, Chromeo, 1975, etc...

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bag raiders 2

Bag Raiders stole my joke…

Let's say I had a buddy named Lorenz. We'd call him L, since he has a "Z" in his name and that's silly. If you'd ever meet L, you may not learn that he loves to dance, but he does. This sexy German fellow would...

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Giorgio Moroder – Deja Vu (LP)

Giorgio Moroder is a legend (I mean, LOOK at that pornstar 'stache), who if you remember, Daft Punk had a whole tribute song about in their last album. This dude's got 3 Academy Awards and 4 Grammys. He wrote "What a Feeling" from Flashdance, and also...

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ASCIO ft. San Mei – Heart Hides

ASCIO, the solo side project of Lucio Morais from Brazil’s biggest electronic music duo Database, has teamed up with Aussie vocalist San Mei for his latest and killer hit “Heart Hides.” This indie dance track is the perfect combination of deep house and sultry vocals,...

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Betablock3r – In My Head

Electro-funk-dance-music (sometimes known as "nu-disco") is currently "IN" and I'm really happy it is (if you haven't noticed). Wikipedia tells us that nu-disco is a 21st century dance music genre relying on an interest in 70s and early-80s disco and the synthesizer-heavy Euro disco and...

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