Boston Manor guide to life: Be Nothing.

Previously covered in February, the Blackpool five-piece is back at it again, out with their debut LP. I'm not gonna lie, there's a really good chance I've been listening to this album nonstop over the last two weeks. Is it the best album of 2016?...

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trash boat final.jpg

Can Trash Boat be the Junk Boat of UK Punk?

Just another killer band in the burgeoning UK punk scene? I think not! A Trash Boat, not to be confused (yet) with junk boats (above), which can be found cruising through Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, is a group of 5 young squires from Saint...

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Spring King

Spring King-Rectifier

Dynamic and unapologetic pop punk that makes you feel ALIVE is what Spring King does best.  If their name sounds familiar, perhaps it's because they were the inaugural band to be played on Apple's Beats 1 radio with their song, "City" when the station launched on...

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WSTR: it’s pronounced WASTER, ugh

The UK is crushing the US these days in terms of pop punk. If any of you are friends with me, then you've heard me yapping about Neck Deep (sick Welsh band). Well now it's time to yap about WSTR. The Liverpool pop punk quintet...

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state champs 3

State Champs: Around the World and Back LP

Albany boys, State Champs, are super f-ing fun. The 5-some have been kicking a$$ for  a few years now, and are back at with their third(ish) full length, "Around the World and Back." The latest album grows up from their formative years  - to be expected...

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