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Bring Back My Name Is Earl (St. Clair)

When I first saw this dude's name, I thought he named himself after that amazing Zac Efron movie where he chats and plays baseball in the woods with his dead brother while sailing or whatever, but then, after looking it up, saw that was Charlie...

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Did Skrizzly Adams have a beard?

Back in the 2000's Bubba Sparxxx gave us country-rap before his fall to opiates and disappearance from the Billboard charts. Then came Sam Hunt, a college college football playin' Georgia boy trying to be the R. Kelly of country music with his talk-singing (see "Break Up In...

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This debut track by mystery group EXROYALE is--strangely put--alchemy: simplicity turned to gold. They've created something complex from nothing. No one is going to accuse these guys of over-producing, but no one is going to be able to get this poppy jam out of their...

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Yuna – Falling

Are you feeling unmotivated this late Friday afternoon and want a pick-me-up? Are you feeling stuck in your life, like you just want to escape to somewhere remote and tropical? Are you feeling like you just straight up want to listen to some catchy pop...

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