lany v2

Breaking News: LANY frontman can now afford sleeves

About a year and a half ago I posted LANY's first mega hit single "ILYSB" (I Love You So Bad) and info on how they started this band as an incognito Soundcloud account, and actually thought they were getting catfished when some rando UK labels came a'knockin...

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weeknd 2

The Weeknd – Kygo remix

This 25 year old Canuck of Ethiopian descent, The Weeknd, isn't a new artist, nor is this a new song, but since he has new stuff coming out, that got me listening to his "older" stuff (its so 2014...

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MOTHXR – Stranger

In 2014, a random song was uploaded by an unintentionally mysterious band named MOTHXR. It rose the ranks of Hype Machine without anyone knowing that it was fronted by Dan Humphrey of Gossip Girl, aka Penn Badgely. Seems GG was a better place for musicians...

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Honne: Warm On A Cold Night

Duo from South West England, Honne, are delivering smooth and sensual ear sex, for late night drives on rain slick streets, or after-party loungin' with a drink and a cigarette with the lights down low. College mates, Andy and James (they don't disclose their surnames)...

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