Empty Houses

Detroit’s Empty Houses are full of soul(s)

This trio of Detroit natives sadly pay homage to their hometown through their band name. Thanks to the auto-manufacturing crisis, the poisoned-water crisis, the housing crisis, the employment crisis, The Detroit Lions crisis (ooh sick burn!), the bankruptcy crisis, and recently the education crisis, we have...

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Justly Jonesing for Jones

JONES is a singer whose name, btw, is in all caps, similar to receiving a text from your grandma, or an email from your aged boss - "If it's not in ALL CAPS, then how will you know I'm yelling?!" The producer of this lovely...

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ady suleimon

Go Big on Ady Suleiman’s “What’s the Score”

Not the first Notti-teen you should be bullish on (ie: Saint Raymond), Ady Suleiman teamed up with Joey Basa$$ for his dope new single "What's the Score." The soulful Nottinghammer is prime for the big stage with his "classic yet fresh sound" (ugh I hate it...

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Count Counsellor

Oh yes. On the verge of elevating to stardom, Count Counsellor sends a shock of soul through my bloodstream. I'm reminded of a fifteen-year-old version of myself sneakily peering through a wire fence as a newborn Passion Pit performs in some nondescript daytime location. Counsellor has inspired...

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Sam Dew – Victor

Dying to see this act live.  Missed them at SXSW and then again last week on tour with Ryn Weaver.  All good thought, i've got a feeling the future is bright for young Sam Dew and that there will be more chances.  Add this gem...

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The Shadowboxers – Ride Home

Not a new band or anything, but these ATLiens (although they have since moved to Nashville) - The Shadowboxers - provide light, dancy, fun, and bouncy soul-funk tunes for your summer playlists. So there's a win I just tossed ya right out the bat. These...

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Élah – “Say”

It's always refreshing to find a track that falls under your favorite genre(s) and can happily be played over and over again. Most recently, élah's "Say" has fit the description. As a soulful singer-songwriter with electronic beats that create her sound, élah provides us with...

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Marian Hill – Whisky

There is no one forreal named "Marian Hill" in the band Marian Hill. This is actually a duo out of Philly consisting of Jeremy Lloyd (production) and Samantha Gongol (vocals), so how they got their name is beyond me. Probably a good story though. I tend...

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