The Yard 2016 – Phase I Lineup

Happy The Yard 2016 Announcement Day! That's right friends, we just announced phase 1 of the lineup for The Yard, (brought to you by The Most Definitely and Concord Music Group) and it is a doozy. The lineup includes a diverse list of musicians, so there will...

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Spirit Animal – True Believer

True Believer is the fresh air after World War IV, the forthcoming debut EP due out on Wind-up Records.  Heard in the live set or on the record, your neck finally comes unpinned and you can gasp for air.  “A classic ‘it's not you, it's me' situation, but one...

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20150824_SPIRITANIMAL_APINES_-4 small

Spirit Animal – Regular World

Today's Regular World premiere (via Cos) tells you exactly why TMD has booked Spirit Animal to more live shows than any other artist.  The track, like the show, comes stadium-ready right out of the box.  But its an indie band on their first label playing ~500 cap rooms.  Shh, don't tell anyone....

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UPDATED TMD CMJ 2015 artwork

TMD Presents: Mostly Music | Oct 16th @ CMJ

That's right!  CMJ is a month out and TMD's annual Showcase at Knitting Factory will be where it's at Friday night.  I must say, we had an especially fun time booking this one, taking full advantage of an amazing pool of Aussie talent that so gracefully descends upon our city each...

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Sprit Animal at Brooklyn Bowl – Sep 12th

It's impossible to explain the magic that will be brought to rock music on October 30th, you're just going to have to wait for WWIV, Spirit Animal's highly anticipated EP release.  Or you can come to Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow (Sep 12) at Midnight for 45 minutes of unreleased magic from the Brooklyn alt/rock...

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Spirit Animal – Party in the Back

Spirit Animal is still my favorite indie act right now, holding that title strong since March.  It was the Kingdom Phylum EP that got my attention (especially Radio Brain and Come to Christmas) but the live show that got me hooked.  The Brooklyn four-piece has been on and off...

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UPDATED Sweetlife Poster-01

5th Annual Sweetlife Festival Lineup Announced

If you haven't eaten at a Sweetgreen salad shop you're making a huge mistake.  Seriously, I almost missed my train back from DC last month because I made the cabbie stop at Sweetgreen.  My loyalty can be attributed equally to their delicious District Cobb as...

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