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5th Annual Sweetlife Festival Lineup Announced

If you haven't eaten at a Sweetgreen salad shop you're making a huge mistake.  Seriously, I almost missed my train back from DC last month because I made the cabbie stop at Sweetgreen.  My loyalty can be attributed equally to their delicious District Cobb as...

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TMD-Best-of-2013 JAY

Jay’s Sounds of 2013

2013 was a year of nostalgia, for me personally and also in the music that accompanied me throughout, more so than any year I can remember. This year was also my first here at the Most Definitely, which I can't thank Max and Tim enough...

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Max / The Most Definitely Best of 2013

Max’s Top 13 of ’13

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever (Story of the Running Wolf Remix) Im partially embarrassed to be putting a Taylor Swift track on my Best Of list, but this remix is just so damn choice.  And to think our homies at SOTRW made it entirely...

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Tim’s Essential Tracks of 2013

So that was 2013 huh? Pretty solid year. I've been working on this list all year. Full disclosure, if you're looking for the obvious "Best of 2013" list, this is not for you. This is more about the tracks that might have slipped through the...

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St. Lucia, Too Close

St. Lucia – Too Close

We don't have to blog every time St. Lucia releases a song, but we do because they're so freakin' awesome!!! Too Close is no exception to that rule, it's a serious tune. Add it to your playlists, TPS reports and college essays, it's so good...

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St. Lucia – Elevate (Passion Pit Remix)

Every track St. Lucia releases is better than the last, it's as simple as that. In fact, Elevate might be my favortie track of the whole summer (and this Passion Pit Remix is red hot). If you caught them live this summer then you know...

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St. Lucia – Elevate

It's not every day that you get to say there's new St. Lucia being released. So you can imagine my excitement when I tell you that...

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PAPA – If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man

This morning while waiting for the T, I wasn't only pleasantly surprised by the nice weather and an on-time train, but a brand-new release from LA-based group PAPA. PAPA's debut EP A Good Woman is Hard to Find from 2011 put these guys on my radar...

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TMD’s June Mixtape

Welcome to the June mixtape. One of the more difficult ones I've had to put together. Difficult because there was so much good music going on this past month. There were some extremely difficult cuts that had to be made and so much so that...

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HAERTS – All The Days

This is the best surprise I could have hoped for today. We have been having a very lopsided love affair with Brooklyn-based Haerts ever since we heard their first single, 'Wings' last year. The love affair continued when we got to see them live -...

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